Showoff ~ Philip Brent Harris


Any who think we’ve only this chance,
Fear eternal damnation; you toe the line.
Seeds of limitation sown, you shall reap.
Must you choose to drag the rest down?

So, do the impossible, at least each day;
This doesn’t have to be before breakfast.
Laugh out loud and steal a joke’s power.
Smile at everyone, see how they respond.

Each choice will change what came after.
Make the stars fall; I think that we could.
One brief moment shine light, illuminate,
Till dark screams back, it’s always faster.

Did I miss a rhyme or two, so I intended.
Like life, comes together no matter what.
No change, no matter how we fuck it up.
Free will, a way we may pick our poison.

Ours may be pleasure, our pleasure pain;
Complex directions lead us to simplicity.
Of course, both always there, you know;
Universe acts, even if we misunderstand.

Cease worrying, sit back, watch the tube.
Anything I should do will get in my face.
Why would I turn the sphere into a cube?
It’ll be one anyway, right time and place.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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