No More

                               Out of the Blue ~ Philip Brent Harris


A dolorous dirge,
hidden in the depths
of space and time.
Time the liar.
Faster, slower, changeable,
not the same
for you and me.
When density, elevation,
heat, speed, motion
do not match, compare,
how then might I
or anyone opine
any triumph or tragedy?

We have or see
emotion, pain and waiting
will slow time’s passing.
As will the languid neglect
of a child’s summer holiday.
Taken to be the end, the start
of lessons told,
necessary to succeed
and share the focus.
Driving our careers.
Time speeding by
when we are not looking.

Those who matter
may get lost
at the foot of the mountain
we struggle to climb.
And, when we reach
the summit for which
we have striven
will we stand upon it
alone and lonely?
Will we plant our flag,
declare ourselves royalty,
though our realm
has vanished below,
its people moved slower.
So we cannot go back
and they can never catch up.

Then, too, does brilliance
complexity alter time?
So dense for some,
they grow bored, tired, lost.
Confused by those people
who sit rapt, enthralled, thus,
when this moment is past,
it feels like no time
has passed at all.
Though clocks and watches
may tell a different story.
What or who is correct?
A mechanical measure,
people who thought time
so slow, they risked
Falling away, stopping.
Or, those for whom time stopped.

I believe they all are true
in their own limited sphere
of temporal comprehension.
Whether I am proven right,
totally ignored,
this is my soul’s conception.
Expression of my limited view
of our vast, convoluted
world. Its complications, but
also its simplicity.
The languid pace
in a nature stroll, influenced
by the age of trees, rocks,
the ocean and myriad shores.
And how we will make time
disappear, if we can walk there
No more.

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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