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Cause and Effect

I am sitting outside at a table to eat Waiting for those I’ll meet and greet They’ll bring my lunch, ain’t that neat Because, after that, I will be able to eat

The Inside More

I approach the sentient sentence trees at a dignified pace. I am nervous, but reverent, unarmed as seems appropriate. Under these sentence trees, I am in the moment, every sense heightened. People, places, things stack together, combining to become new shoots or already massive boles, the tops lost from sight. Like birds, tastes, sharp, illusive; […]

Sewing Words Together

  Doves have no tailors for their cotes They only use their cotes for sitting They do employ them for their tails You know, dovetails all need fitting Please note: For anyone anxiously awaiting the next installment of You’re a Real Card, as hard as that may be to imagine, please come back on Friday […]