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Three-Letter Folk

We have absolutely no idea how our world will change Despite those who have wild hairs of how to rearrange Someone may push a button, start the last of our wars Perhaps we finally see the dream of having flying cars What of the three-letter agencies hidden in plain sight Who tell us they are […]

A Different Day

In this instant generation is it ever just now? If each moment is an anticipated future, how? Recording all our lives for future delectation Can existence contain any new expectation? Will it ever be right now, this moment, day? Can we live now while deciding what to say? It is said, history is written by […]

Answer to an Unasked Question

Passionate Pacific my daily inspiration, sunlight, sand and surf Murmured messages wash on shore, chased by crashing waves Warm strand, moonlit, twinkling on the swells, reflecting earth Wind, water, weather form transient art, nothing the sea saves Humbled by such vastness of ocean, rolling beyond the horizon This and more besides to stir or calm […]

A Mime’s Message

Without thought or conscious knowledge of the anniversary of the Westgate Mall massacre in Nairobi, Kenya, we watched the documentary about it on Friday night, 9/19/2014, the one-year anniversary. In 2012, visiting good friends, chosen family, we went to the mall on more than one occasion. I didn’t know when I started watching the documentary […]

Life as We Know It

What do we mean when we say life as we know it? I wonder if there is anybody who really has a clue? Is it something we know, we have learned to forget? If we recall it, do you think it might alter our view? A long time ago just now, the void felt bored, […]

Silently Across the Night

Moving silently across the night-dark earth Fires burn ever Fluttering banners, gold and red, to mark the dead Ever brighter Blood-red projected on shifting smoke Ever hotter An ever-changing, tattered screen, white, gray, black, overlaid scarlet Consuming all No animal, no insect, no blade of grass remains For eyes to see Glimpses of crazed conflict […]

Full Stop

Another senseless killing in Arizona, though she was on vacation A nine-year-old being trained to shoot an Uzi is some indication Not where she came from, but the culture from which she haled Shooting instructor killed, an accidental bullet, and no one jailed Perhaps this is the first lesson anyone who wants a gun must […]

Man Makes the Clothes

Since I was just small, I have so often heard it said, Clothes make the man, that it has become clichéd Dress for success, the mantra many a parent chants Making a first impression, there’s no second chance Wise words some whiz will say, a logical conclusion Yet words with great potential to generate confusion […]

Random Thoughts on a Hot-Skillet Mind

Way late on a west-coast afternoon I think it a month or two past June Could I succeed despite many tries When time crawls, when time flies No matter what we choose, decide You deal with some you can’t abide Relatives and some you call friends You decide to enjoy it, or pretend News grows […]

Who We Are, Who We Become

Do we forget to wonder, to ask the right questions? Do we gird up our loins, and bolster our bastions? Do we only talk to near-by, like-minded strangers? Ignore all others, to pretend there are no dangers? Network contact with others in our own language Accepting translation offered, a mystery message Compromising, perchance, our own […]