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No Longer

No Longer ~~~~~ I can no longer write of hate Not even to decry it I can only write of love Though our actions belie it I must not chew on pain and fear Though daily on the menu I must change my diet As I cannot change my venue ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence […]

Ancient History

Ancient History ~~~~~ Sitting and waiting for a doctor’s appointment On video in my armchair at home, who knew? Someday history will say what all this meant, But long past the lifetimes of either me or you. ~~~~~ Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment ~~~~~ Please, leave a comment […]

Light Hidden Within — Part Two

Light Hidden Within ~~~~~ Part Two I plead with you, us and everyone. We spurn strangers, each we hate. Those we fear, as we were taught. Learn now, all humankind worthy, Our value is innate, not only profit For those who have no compassion, Dictating to us because we let them. We must not allow […]

Light Hidden Within

Light Hidden Within ~~~~~ Part One Looking for words that will tell A story: who we were and who We became, after long illness. The first part I know, as do you, At least this moment, as I write These words, chasing meaning, So we all choose cogent change. I hope we hear the sane […]

Am I?

Am I?   ~~~~~ Does everyone feel the need to create Or only to impose order on the chaos? Is a search for a higher purpose innate, A way to handle death, since we must? All creators, I think, have some doubts. For any who believe, did god feel this? Omniempathetic, god must have bouts. […]

Of Course

Of Course ~~~~~ Why, of course, it’ll cost a lot. It cannot be any good, if not. Do you really believe this true, Just a bill of goods sold to you? Would you matter either way? Would it matter any given day? It cannot matter that I can see; You know, never comes for  free. […]

Cannot Imagine

Cannot Imagine ~~~~~ Have you this modern truth brought home, Your devices, machines, smarter than you? With all their various prompts and screens, Your car and phone communicate, so new. New to me; I’m old, adult before this time. My first job, each file kept on paper alone, Eight jobs in, till a mainframe I […]