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And Beyond

Glowing Moon ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ If I could build a city on the moon Would it be best to hire workers who know? Earth’s cities built by those arrived too soon. Claimed land by the lake where I hear the loon. Divert to my crops; I control the flow. If I could build […]


  ~~~~~ Variations on a theme by William Blake Cheetah! Cheetah! spurning flight Will you vanish in the night? What mortal weapon hand or spree Would end thy fearful symmetry? Not so distant wait the flies To watch the fire leave your eyes. On what fell wings do they descend Your flesh and sinew then […]

Never Went Away

~~~~~ Never Went Away It, it, the universal it, Got up one morning And took a great big shit. But shit’s designed To make things grow. It had to happen Don’t you know? And the world Grew and changed, But the smell Never went away. ~~~~~ People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! Peace is Purpose, […]

Fair Weather, Raging Storm

  ~~~~~ Searching for love may make us feel forlorn. In a stark noon’s light, will it fit the norm? Still, dusk to dawn, somebody has love sworn. Soulmates, children, parents, siblings are born. Will we recognize love in any form? Searching for love may make us feel forlorn. We pursue love; search from sunset […]

Will Teach Us to be Wise

When Air Becomes Breath ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ I find treasures on the beach all the time. They inform me, tell me about myself, in how and what they cause me to remember, where I stood and what I was doing. That first shell, sea glass, sand dollar, calls to mind other beaches. The […]

Not a Race

Memento Mori ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ When no joy of faith or belief sustains,While our crazy world carries on apace,Despite hymns or verse, I sing or retain,I rarely see more than my same old face. If each instant, choice makes a new lane,Is there a second I’d choose to replace?If each spawns the new, […]

Nowhere and Everywhere

~~~~~ According to some beliefs, I knew I would end up here Long before I was born. Despite all the paths I take, Each one leads to this instant. Nowhere and everywhere I belong. ~~~~~ People Over Politics, World Over Wealth! Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment Unite the […]

To Dance or Duel

~~~~~ Country dancers are now afoot, turning figures, trading gossip. They are tripping ere so lightly across a polished parquet floor. The hall holds a slight glamour that disguises the peeling walls. Our hostess hides in a shadowed corner, concentration deep with focus; she even shows a smiling vision of herself, circulating, but beyond reach. […]

Bang the Rocks Together

The Rouge Regina ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ Please stop showing me the former guy. His face sickens me. Do I need to explain? He cheats, foments insurrection with lies. A venal narcissist, he simply can’t refrain. All who think him the savior reincarnate, I wonder, do you at each full moon bay? Vilify outcast […]

The Sum of Us

Going In, Leading Out ~ Philip Brent Harris ~~~~~ We lose bits of our life through carelessness And pieces we coveted, we simply give away. Perspectives of age, time, distance change us. What we thought lost, we decide we donated. Realized another needed the color of the wind Or feel passion in burning hearts of […]