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Let's Dance ~ Philip Brent Harris

Let’s Dance ~ Philip Brent Harris


I often wish I had more answers.
All the answers here and now.
I know I am the answers and
The questions, the moves, to build,
Destroy. Bold or full of doubt.
I’m laughter, I’m pain, everything
Found beyond or in between.

From the moment you said hello,
and I first saw you in your blue
Granny dress with empire waist
and square-cut bodice, I knew.
Although mine is the memory.
What surfaces and I witness.
Images I see in my mind’s eye.

That might not have been enough
Alone to turn the time, counsel
Me to stay. Tell me I was home.
Fascinated by your gold-tinted
Glasses, long, straight brown hair.
So different from my own. Not
Only these. Your beauty, smile,
Generosity, and wit. Your laughter
Filled me like a helium balloon.

Even this might not have been
Enough without your intuition,the
Fact you had dreamed about me:
Knew that you must go to and wait
Near where we met. Wait, no
Matter how long your vigil proved.
Whether half a day or half a year.
I’m sure, sometimes, maybe many
Times, we missed that connection,
Meeting by the slimmest margins.

Less than the risk of every baby’s
Breath, drunkard’s stumble. Jewels
In any royal crown or diadem.
The final throes of any star, or
Far-flung galaxy, of anything known
Unknown, and as yet unimagined.
Certainly, all this is so far beyond
Miraculous, it must be not only be
Seen possible, but also expected.

Love, the fragile strength which
Binds us together when we fall.
Fly apart, though we earnestly try.
Let entropy be our master, when
We are friends, at our best. Lest,
We forget what we forgot. To
Learn everything we already know.


People Over Politics, World Over Wealth!

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,

Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment

Unite the World!


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Let's Dance ~ Philip Brent Harris

Let’s Dance ~ Philip Brent Harris


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