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Reflecting on Creation

Reflecting on Creation ~ Philip Brent Harris


Patterns upon patterns upon patterns.
All our world is full of shapes and lines.
Some appear solid, but science says no.
Some are shadows and reflections of us,
Our world patterns cast upon everything.

How to know, what is real, what is not?
Is it a question, or is the question, what?
There is so much that we cannot fathom,
Many hide their head under god’s armpit.
It’s dark under there; no need to see light.
Thus, shadow is their only sight of reality.
They swear that is all the light they need.
After all, this is the armpit of a vast deity.
Denies all history of flowers, birds, bees,
fait accompli as Athena from Zues’ head.

If asked, they say take it on faith, because
this requires great fear and presumption.
Cannot say their god is mere assumption.
Believe if you do, if you must, but pause;
any god conceived as good would lift us.

Yet, such people are sure god punishes us.
Dream strange dreams trying to find sense.
How else to explain a being giving us eden,
except one teeny, tiny rule we must obey?
Oh, wait, it was the serpent screwed us up.
Else, how do we explain all our brutality?
Would an omnipotent deity give us a test
already knowing, we are destined to fail?
Light reflects dark, deity to serpent joined.
Bright sun, through a glass darkly, all one.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,
Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment 

Unite the World!


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Reflecting on Creation

Reflecting on Creation ~ Philip Brent Harris

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