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After the Storm

After the Storm ~ Philip Brent Harris


Thunder rolls; rain takes small steps,
flows in rivulets. Watch the splashes.
Slowly, we contemplate the meaning.
Thunder booms, rumbles, rain patters.
Louder, closer; we await the lightning.

Sunlight shreds dark clouds like tissue.
We dance and play, splash the puddles.
Our chores, responsibilities forgotten,
for now, until we are again surrounded
with people, noise, traffic, life’s chaos.
We turn in circles, seek to escape then.

We spot an opening onto a side street,
quieter, sunlight glinting off raindrops.
Brief prismatic rainbows glisten above
as the day warms and people come out
to pursue their lives, needs ands musts
Far off, we hear final thunder grumble.

In the distance, we witness the rain fall
as shadows under dark clouds slanting.
Turning other lives in ways unexpected
and expected, until the sky clears  again.
Night falls; we contemplate the morrow,
Needing rain, hoping the sun will shine.

Darkness conquers a few bright diamonds,
all the stark lights of cityscape will reveal.
A late-rising moon washes away still more,
so we imagine ourselves out in the country.
There, we are awed by the hopeful splash,
the Milky Way, to sleep and dream of day.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,
Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment 

Unite the World!


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After the Storm

After the Storm ~ Philip Brent Harris

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