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World Famous Floating Head Illusion ~ 18 x 24 Renaissance Reimagined $800

World Famous Floating Head Illusion ~ Philip Brent Harris


Ancient before time
Impenetrable void waited
Crawled from its atomic shell
Instantaneous illumination flared
This moment
A swirling figure
Moves, is every moment
Innocently wise
Hopeful, in constant conflict
Cooperation in every interchange
Full of wonder, every and all stories
Worth living for,
Growing, expansive
Worth dying for, each instant
All mirrored within the giant’s pirouette
Ignominy and glory
Steadfast background, stage
Everywhere, every when, now, always
Satiety, emptiness, essential, ground of being
Constantly sought
Repeatedly found, lost
Unseen, manifest, sacred
Light, darkness, inspiration, resolution
Confusion, concern
Fulfillment, contentment
Forever without end, beginning
Infinite, unimaginable
Able to change all matter, each moment
Description, location
Unfathomable weakness
Joyous, implacable, grave, rejoicing
Unlimited reach
Searching eternally, never
Violent, sweet, demanding
Forthright, generous, creative, alive


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,
Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment 

Unite the World!


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World Famous Floating Head Illusion ~ 18 x 24 Renaissance Reimagined $800

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