Sacred Silent Places

People Over Politics, Survival Over Surrender, World Over Wealth!

Duplicity ~ Philip Brent Harris


When many commit cruel murder, macho maniacs

brutally rape, mad hermits dream and decimate.

While daily tribunes trumpet madness,

feasts of destruction, humanity the savage, ravenous beast.

We who court peace, do sorrow and despair;

have we come too far upon this dark and lonely road?

If we speak or write of hope, transformation, we’re labeled

sanctimonious preachers, fools worshiping dreams.

Learned men brand humans blind, rapacious

in our endless quest to replicate our worst and our best.

Cannot we reason to choose, grow, transfigure,

 to let strength of numbers overwhelm strength of arms?

Too weak, too timid to call for metamorphosis,

afraid someone will shoot us down or simply shoot us.

Will they expose our deepest, darkest secrets buried down inside,

in the sacred silent places where we hide?

Will we glory in our differences, fire guns in lust for blood,

with no thought to our universal bonds,

Addicted to power, greed, hatred, fear, death;

 in blood we write our future; it’s etched behind our eyes.

All conflict will not cease, nor do we think it should,

but we must box and put away the toys of war.

Be they used in global conflict or in the cause of insurrection

Saddened we seem too weak to learn, must we forever

sing our songs of hope and love until our time has ended?.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,
Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment 

Unite the World!


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