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Monkey Demon ~ Philip Brent Harris


Sun rises, alarm clock shrills, traffic noises, screaming children, garbage trucks.
With these sights and sounds, pain awakens.

Unbroken whispers, incessant, pervasive, continue their constant siege.
As a nest of needles, physical pain greets the day.

Nattering and nagging, demanding attention, insistent as the specter.
A shrill-voiced harpy, mental pain suffuses flesh and bones.

Dulled and drugged, held briefly at bay, mere moments, pacing impatiently.
Moaning its sad lament, emotional pain bides its time.

Lonely and lost, a child waiting in a dark, unknown place, an unknown fate.
Whimpering and quivering, physical pain seeks solace

Prodding and poking with sharp sticks, scattering broken glass on the road.
Hiding in unexpected places, mental pain crashes like lightning.

Crying in selfish sorrow, no thought or consideration for anyone anywhere.
Bitter tears of emotional pain swamp all reason.

Gasping, wincing, caught unaware by a wanton wound, a new pathway carved.
Hot pokers, honed scalpels, physical pain strikes, lingers.

Always present, veiled, at the edge of thought, vision, feeling, imagination.
In familiar haunts, seedy alleys, mental pain lurks.

Slyly scheming, circumspect, searching, sending out secret sorties, suffering.
Striking sharply, swiftly, emotional pain weakens our defenses.

Creeping closer, crawling just below consciousness, awareness most distracted.
Overwhelming being, casting a dark shadow, physical pain enfolds.

Screaming, battering and beating, crashing swords against shields, booted feet stamping.
Driving out all thought, mental pain controls desire.

Within the scarred walls of being, self, the defenses broken, palisades breached.
Stabbing with its steely knives, emotional pain forbids sleep

Overtaken by exhaustion, no fight, no hope, no energy, nothing forces attention.
Blanketed by fatigue, all pains are surrendered.

Sun rises, alarm clock shrills, traffic noises, screaming children, garbage trucks.
With these sights and sounds, pains awaken.


VOTE, November 3, 2020!

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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