Will We Ever Heal?

Gods or Monsters ~ Philip Brent Harris


I look around and life goes on,
Though we face new requirements.
Yet old problems, storms, pandemics
And massive unrest; how will we fare?
Would I walk through certain streets
Under a half moon glow, with stars above?
While still the night turns on the gears,
The years of the cosmic clock, our destiny.
Life and death and life will swing
Through lazy arcs at the speed of light
And faster still, the more we measure.
Do you suppose if we stopped searching
That time might slow down, let us breathe?
Or have we already lost our chance,
This time, as the mobius strip of time,
Our existence continues on infinitely
In singular progression, at least to us.
We see only the side we walk upon,
Convinced we’ve lost the view, the secret.
If we would note our progress,
We’d see there’s only one side, though
We pinch it between our fingers,
Our figures, convince ourselves
It’s other than itself, and we
Can alter everything with a snap
Of those fingers or a wave of our hands,
Mumbling, whispering words, incantations,
Invocations, hoping to satisfy, bamboozle
The being of all, to fool ourselves.
What fools we mortals be as we pretend
We understand the inner workings
Of the body, though not our own but
Of the unglimpsed giant we ride within.
Can we even parse the hole in our vision
And not flinch when we see the whole?
Will we ever heal our psychic maladies
If we do not pause, see our psyches as all?


VOTE, November 3, 2020!


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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