Balancing Act

Heading Home ~ Philip Brent Harris


Where is the light we keep in the window
That guides each of us all the way home?
What time we ponder wait and wonder;
Will our answers ever remain unknown?
How can the illness and greed of the few
Control the course all our lives will take?
With the time now to think and consider
What we have done, how we might grow
Must dark ever battle light, as if they can?
Two aspects of the same face but hidden
From each other, self-imposed blindness.
Neither is dominant, despite what we see,
We are confused by the game of balance.
Where every imbalance may make us fall
If we will topple, it will not matter at all.
Because it’s true, that no one will be free
Until we are all equal, plus the opposite,
That no one can be equal till all are free.

VOTE, November 3, 2020!


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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  1. Fine art it is!

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