How Convenient

How Convenient

Another Dog and Pony Show ~ Philip Brent Harris


How many millions cannot, will not accept,
Seeing life through their own experience?
That is understandable until we encounter
People who’ve suffered a pain we’d avoid.
And we truly feel that this cannot touch us,
Right up to the moment that it reaches out,
Whether with a tap, a blow, a death punch,
Does it hurt you more to suffer or remain?
Do you worry more about dying in pain, or
The family, friends, loved-ones left behind?

Until it becomes personal, will you refuse
To believe, because some mountebank says;
Assures you it’s not real, it’s not major, well,
it’s major but it’s under control. Or it’s not.
It’s not his fault that he did not act in time,
The numbers are wrong, it’s foreign, a hoax,
The other party, a plot directed at only him.
All aimed at a con man, your con man, who
Convinced you his success more important
Than your life, than my life, than every life.

Return to work; it’s what you need to do.
Since the many trillions in aid not for you.
Besides, you have many guns and people,
Many people, so many, to hate and blame.
In some distant future, when you are past,
Historians will see you and them the same.
You have already proven all this to be true,
Because of the color of a man’s suit, color
Of his skin, ignoring the facts; it got better.
Yet, you ignore the color of the soul which
Claims all the credit and accepts no blame.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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