Despite What You Think

                            In The Clouds ~ Philip Brent Harris

Why are we taught to ever misunderstand
our highest potential’s in hope and in love?
Our drive to compete comes from long ago,
yet, this is what we all nurture, topping all.
I fail to comprehend, though I like to win
Is that merely what I learned growing up?
Can I find a way to change the way I sin?

We have grown so crazy even competition
has been skewed past winning at all costs.
We pretend that we have, despite the harm
we bring to heart and home, those we love.
So others might turn their heads as we pass
because our golden shadows they perceive
as brighter than any they will have or know.

Sacrifice, a word used, its meaning changed.
Not living for others, to take less, give more
to children and families who will come after.
We resent those came before, who failed us.
Screw sacrifice, where was ambition, drive?
Burn ourselves upon the altar of false gods,
sacrificial candle of our life a conflagration.

Look at me. Look at me. I’m better than you.
What will you leave behind but doubt, pain?
Inky, calloused stain of false deity, pretense,
less than an emperor’s new clothes; better to
remain exposed, surrounded by what matters.
I have, if only for myself, learned a deep truth:
what we want, fear is driven by what’s taught.

Seems obvious, I guess, but hadn’t considered.
Focus on our disregard of our imminent demise,
that, alone, explains our unqualified, imaginary,
great leader, as image rules, reality sucks hind tit.
Any truth is less  hard to believe than the bling,
as long as success is apparent. No matter if based
on lies and assumptions, changing with the wind.

These winds but fan the flames that burn us down,
melt wax, impress the faux seal of imperial power
What matters is not the lack of reality, but the foe,
anyone who may fray the hem of your regal robe.
Polish its gold monogram when sitting on the can.
Imitate bird squawks under your disheveled nest,
Inside corrupt, no problem, outside well-dressed.

We’re all on the same ride, no matter our thought.
Reality is what rules, useless is how we may look.
None can take from you what you never have had,
pretending it’s different never makes it right or so.
Yet, power has often been seized through stealth,
though it cannot last forever without truth at last.
Truth doesn’t need power, despite what you think

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