Advice for All

                    Memento Mori ~ Philip Brent Harris

Oh, how changes will throw us off our stride;
a different host, a barking man without control.
Tries his best to muffle his affliction, can’t hide,
it’s simply who he is; he fights to reach his goal.

Way our country’s going, may not be far away.
People scoff as we’re conned into neo-fascism.
Say it couldn’t happen here, another place, day.
All signs are here, wedge opens a wider schism.

I hope I’m wrong. Don’t pray, it’s not who I am.
We should call these children in for a timeout.
Those running things; they’ll take it on the lam.
Listen, the story’s not what you think it’s about.

That is advice for all; they keep us in the dark.
So we fight among ourselves, not those on top.
If we awake, may not need an interstellar ark.
Hope we can get wise, make the madness stop.

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