Tranquil to be Free


Irises with Ladybug

Irises with Ladybug

Tranquil to be Free

You should think hard and wonder at my passing
I encourage you to rue the taunting words you said
The venom spewed far worse than mere harassing
I ducked and mumbled, could only live in my own head

Though this, as with many others, did not mean death
You lashed out, I your target, we tangled, I moved on
Your attacks so sharp, so sudden, took away my breath
Repeated, always painful, I tried to grow a tougher skin

Each of your savage sorties used me and abused me
Then blithely you went on, no care, no thought, no qualm
No way devised to escape you, in darkness locked, no key
Till tired unto death, I surrendered, found a secret: calm

Now when I find myself mired in quicksand, it’s by my hand
Till I fight and push aside dark thoughts which drag me deep
I slowly, calmly pull myself to safety; there is no magic wand
Silencing distant memories that my insecurity would keep

Forgetting who I’ve been before, I sooth my troubled mind
I leave my brain’s dark, dangerous morass to simply be
Embracing life, I laugh, I’m happy, caring, gentle and kind
Thankful I finally understand, I must be tranquil to be free

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