Thank You Thank You

Thank You

For all of you who “like” my work and anyone who follows
I do apologize most sincerely for rarely saying thank you
It’s not that I’m ignoring you, my mother taught me right
I just haven’t found the extra minutes to fix this oversight

Since writing occupies my “free” time I thought I’d do so here
I’d like to take you for a beverage of choice, coffee, tea, beer?
Yet you mostly live so far away, scattered across the world
It would so difficult, that my thank you banner I’ve unfurled

I’m new to all of this, since I’ve blogged less than one full year
So I may still figure out how you all find the time, or not, I fear
So if you’ve felt ignored, neglected, that was never my intent
Please know my gratitude is heartfelt and most humbly sent

And if you’ll leave a comment any time you have the chance
I promise that I will respond and start a lasting dialog perchance
More people are born every day, yet the world is growing smaller
We can connect with most anyone, get to know an unknown caller


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