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Haiku of Modern Life

Age and Beauty Age before beauty For wisdom trumps pulchritude Beauty, too, shall age Swish A train bell clanging Dopplering into silence Swish of traffic now Clear Ahead Train whistle warning To clear the tracks ahead now Crossing bar is down Blooms Blooms fade, passing time Stone fawn stares blindly upward Bright zinnia blooms


Triku ~ 5-7-5 ~ equals three word Haiku.  I try to give them some sense or make them humorous and I think I succeeded in most cases. Here are my next seven. I hope you enjoy my word play. Indiscriminate Inconsequentially Cannibalistic Pronunciation: Denuclearization Mythological Archeology: Memorialization Figuratively Puritanism: Polarization Continuation Politically Antiglobalization Abnormality Technically […]