They Might Grow Up

People Over Politics, World Over Wealth!


These Three Letters ~ Philip Brent Harris

Emergency, emergency, everybody to clear the streets,
The cowboys are coming, the cowboys are coming.

Come on, people, get a grip, let us have our say.
What we’ll put forth, here, is the American way.
Guns toted openly on a hip, hidden under arm,
You know it’s only the bad folks they will harm.

Unless, they were the bad guys, that is only fair.
They could shoot you, for gender, race or hair.
A child may find a pistol hung up for the night,
It’s accidental, if anyone is shot; that’s all right.

Say foreign children are risked in a land far away.
Don’t send ‘em here, not like us; we came to stay.
We’ll get their diseases and even worse than that.
If they stay, they might grow up, voting democrat.

Grow up healthy, steal our jobs and take our land,
So call me nuts, but someone must make a stand.
We are all Heinz 57, if you check our ethnic past.
That is enough; we require no more at our repast.

Don’t fret, we have the swagger of wild-west style.
Many enemies must be shot; it might take a while.
If we take out more than a few friendlies each day,
We think freedom precious, if you think our way.

Watch your back, watch your front, stay ever wary.
Invest in Kevlar, there’s time; make life less scary.
You think you’ll be shot; it happens now and then.
If not, you will likely live your three score and ten.

So live it up, go deep in debt, what is there to lose?
Reaper sits upon your shoulder; you cannot refuse
Yet, accidents, heart attacks, these may lay you low.
We don’t need guns and bullets along to help us go.

I suppose this is only how the world always works,
Plague, war, flood, fire around every moment lurks.
I hope I’m gone long before we blow our world up.
If not, we may choose to drink hemlock as we sup.


Unite the World!


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