Life, Not Perfection

People Over Politics, Survival Over Surrender, World Over Wealth!

Lost World ~ Philip Brent Harris


What would we do if someone we love
Had no idea who we are or have been?
While we stand here and they sit there.
We may sit or stand almost anywhere.
Neither could nor would love any less,
Though our sorrows might overwhelm.

Would we snap, our anger too far gone,
Our aggravation obscuring our vision?
Dark clouds from our gathering storm.
The rain in our hearts, tears in our eyes,
Are threatening, in deluge, to overflow.
Still, we hold them back if we are able.

Giving in, we will face what we know.
We will love no less, but get no answer
Merely echoes from our love long ago.
Would those echoes remind us of times
That we failed to show love to our love.
Lost connections, may feel we’re jailed.

Three meals a day, or maybe only two,
When it all tastes like ashes and brine.
A jailer silent in ways we don’t want.
Our sentence has already been passed
Waiting only for the rope or for the ax
Our executioner lost in space and time.

What would we beg, borrow, give, take
Steal to get a single day more together?
Would we realize it need not be perfect,
Although that’s always what we dream.
We loved them no less on the bad days,
When we argued, didn’t see eye-to-eye.

For love is true every day, each season
Which spun swiftly past and was gone.
It will not, cannot always feel this way.
Still, how we wish any day would last.
The fey wisdom we gain through pain
Many times felt so pointless and cruel.

When we realize what we have missed,
All the ways which we acted like fools.
Think on the days we acted at our worst
Those in the past and those in the future.
Our imaginations tell us truth must live
As all the ways and times we rehearsed.

Must try our best; it is all that we have,
Though some days it won’t be enough.
We’ll strive and strain, call life’s bluff.
Growing closer to a beauty that’s true,
Becoming truthful at least to ourselves.
We lie to ourselves; we lie to our love.

We lie to our love; we lie to the world.
Even though we might think we must.
How else will we transit through life?
By starting each morning with a smile,
Being present and always being kind.
May fake it until it’s our state of mind.

Never control what others may do, say.
We all live the part chosen by or for us
When we each act in this infinite play.
Whether it is a role we wanted or not,
Cannot matter when day turns to night.
While at some point ahead or behind.

We must play the hero and the villain,
During the universe’s pulsating flight.
Remember when love hides your face
You lose sight of your own reflection.
In time, we will all run the same race.
Seek only to live fully, not perfection.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,

Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment 

Unite the World!


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