Casting Shadows

Sunshine All Around ~ Philip Brent Harris


Are we but half ourselves as we wait for the sun to shine?
Not for the warmth to bring life, but for the shadows cast.
How can we be awake to watch our shadows stroll along,
When they walk tall, lead our steps, when they walk after?
As if they would linger, search for the place the sun goes
When it slides beyond the horizon, at the end of each day.
Will they discover distant lands to lead and follow others,
Stay with us, hiding in the darkness that blinds the world,
Leave their pale siblings behind, mock our lighted hours?

How pitiful our offerings that pretend to challenge night;
Our lamps, lights, however bright, cannot match the sun.
They disrupt our daily rhythms, measured by sun, stars,
Leaving us stressed, strained wondering about our lives.
Where is the blaze we sit around and commune together,
Which gave us warmth but left us joined to every other?
The flickering blue fire we nightly watch reflects a people
Only allows us weak connection as we share our stories.
We gain a better understanding of people’s life far away.

We will neither hold their eye, hands nor prove our truth.
Nor can we comprehend that our shade is their shadow,
Their laughter, our joy, that flesh and flesh are only one.
No matter what we believe, regard; we only can pretend.
We construct monsters to frighten children; we stumble
At midnight and upon the brightest day and all because
We were and are afraid to confess our terror and pain.
We choose to imitate the star that hangs half above us,
To cast shadows we must follow, those we cannot flee.


VOTE, November 3, 2020!


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength, Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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