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That Is Not It, That Is Not It At All

Please note: The following is about the movie Captain Phillips. I don’t believe it contains any spoilers, especially since the ending is a foregone conclusion. Some may not agree with me, so be warned. I feel impelled and qualified to write this for three reasons. First and weakest, I have a degree in film with […]

Life’s Own Story

  Every life has its own story, a thread in the growing time tapestry How could anyone even dare to believe they know which anchors it Which strands fill the warp, the weft, support the surface pattern Bright colors may stand out against the dun, but fade like all the rest Humanity wrongly believes our […]

I Choose Peace

  When in life we reach an age, a need, a trial, a test, the razor’s edge Delving deeper, pondering, reflecting, remembering, planning, hoping Denying, angry, we bargain, we grieve while craving peace, acceptance Until we understand acceptance is a choice with nothing and much to say I wonder the reason for my being, my […]

No Place Safe to Stand

  If you find something’s wrong don’t cast about looking for a reason I’m the one to libel, always, I must honestly admit, this or any season You think you’re wrong, you’re incorrect, I’ll swear an oath I did it From simple misspelled words to atom bombs, for all I will take credit The argument […]

What Else?

You. Stop. Right Now. Whatever else you are doing, besides reading these words, and I know you’re doing something else, stop. In a world where multitasking is the norm and dealing with disparate desires and duties is the only way to survive, simply doing one thing feels foolish, wasteful. Perhaps, to you, it even feels […]

Because We Have Not Stopped

Because We Have Not Stopped A Poet’s Words with Poets’ Words When myriad commit cruel murder, macho maniacs brutally rape, mad hermits dream and decimate, Then will we need to know where the sidewalk ends, where a phenomenal woman’s secrets lie With daily tribunes crying madness, feasts of destruction, humanity the savage, ravenous beast Will […]

Dichotomy Project ~ Found Verbiage Free Verse

PAIR 2 SAD END Army defends questioned abortion law Results critical argues commission Restrictive rules trouble rape victim Says losing open doors forces secrecy Across the nation legal rights struck Bias, harassment, injuries and hard lessons Blood, bruises and killing with no remorse Pregnant child doomed, without hope Woman say clash killing all ages Trustees […]

Ponder Rosa ~ Midnight Rambler

That’s Enough What follows is a bit of a rant, but I found it important to say. I hope you will stay through to the end, and that you’ll be accepting of what I think and believe even if you don’t agree with me. Is it in the blood or in the brainwashing? I’m like […]