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We met a man from Minnesota walking his dog on
Dardanelle Trail behind Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.
He asked us if there was a beach at Moss Beach.
It became a much more difficult question to answer
than we might have thought before we were asked.
We told him about the stairway on the bluff above.
Still, there are no dogs allowed, so that wouldn’t do.

We explained how he should continue up the trail.
Turn right on Cypress and walk straight ahead and
then turn left on Beach St, where you can see the sea.
If you look down, though, you cannot get down there.
We said, walk north on Beach until you crest a rise
where looking to the right, you can see the distillery.
The Moss Beach Distillery, but that’s just confusing.

Walk to the end of the parking lot and you can look
down to where you can see the beach but not reach it.
Instead, head down a little, angle left, and then up.
Then angle right and then left and up, watch for cars.
Then a short left and up again until the road splits.
Bear right, since the way going straight dead ends.
Either follow this street and take the first left or
continue and take the last left closest to the water.
Follow this until it ends at an entrance to Pillar
Point Bluff Park and go on in; you choose the trail.

Dogs are allowed on leash, but nobody bothers.
The point is to keep heading north, even if it
means going east for a while or west or up or down.
Aim toward the giant golf ball, radio telescope
and when you get close to the north end, go down.
As long as you are heading north. If you go east,
it’ll take you down to the Airport Blvd. entrance.
North is faster and drops you at the beginning
of the Maverick’s Beach Trail, that heads west.
At the end, you will finally reach the beach. Enjoy.

The man smiled, told us he had three hours till his
daughter picked them up. We smiled, wished him well.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,
Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment 

Unite the World!


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Drake's Beach.jpg

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