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Enough, Just Enough

  Time is money, money is time, though I’d like to see you eat either one The tokens we value, believe have worth, are extremely puzzling to me It’s symbolic I realize, they can provide little to no shelter by themselves Yet we treat them as real, pursue them with zeal, cry if we miss […]

What If?

  What if you could create anything, paint like the greatest artist ever seen Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Gentileschi, Rousseau, Magritte, Cassatt, Ditko, Kane No doubt, I haven’t named your favorite, your one and only most fine The list is so long, I could fill up every notebook that I have ever owned Then I could […]

That Is Not It, That Is Not It At All

Please note: The following is about the movie Captain Phillips. I don’t believe it contains any spoilers, especially since the ending is a foregone conclusion. Some may not agree with me, so be warned. I feel impelled and qualified to write this for three reasons. First and weakest, I have a degree in film with […]

I Choose Peace

  When in life we reach an age, a need, a trial, a test, the razor’s edge Delving deeper, pondering, reflecting, remembering, planning, hoping Denying, angry, we bargain, we grieve while craving peace, acceptance Until we understand acceptance is a choice with nothing and much to say I wonder the reason for my being, my […]

No Place Safe to Stand

  If you find something’s wrong don’t cast about looking for a reason I’m the one to libel, always, I must honestly admit, this or any season You think you’re wrong, you’re incorrect, I’ll swear an oath I did it From simple misspelled words to atom bombs, for all I will take credit The argument […]

What Else?

You. Stop. Right Now. Whatever else you are doing, besides reading these words, and I know you’re doing something else, stop. In a world where multitasking is the norm and dealing with disparate desires and duties is the only way to survive, simply doing one thing feels foolish, wasteful. Perhaps, to you, it even feels […]


Home Complex confusing and contentious conversations may prevail When sundry family members to the wide world do disperse Traveling from home-based roots, trekking far beyond the pale Lessons learned young may not survive from cradle to hearse Or lessons taught are planted deep, rooting values far too well When elders change their diet, cultivating growth, […]

An Immodest Proposal

AN IMMODEST PROPOSAL                                                                                              For Preventing the Poor Children of the People of the United States of America From Being the Innocent Victims of Lunatics, Madmen, and Terrorists and For Protecting All Citizens of This Great Nation of Ours  It is a melancholy object lesson to those who walk the highways and byways of the […]