Will We Reach

Global Brand ~ Philip Brent Harris copy


When I reach for the time and the place
where I might uncover courage and truth,
I mostly get completely discouraged and
wonder what I may have missed in my youth.
Where is the wisdom I’ve failed to obtain;
what scales or blinders are blocking my eyes?
Is the answer staring me right in the face,
as plain as the blue of my questioning eye?
Have I known the right answer forever, a day?
Why must I continue to continue to ask why?

When have I and all of us lost our way, strayed?
We must be confused; we seem hopelessly lost.
Instead of searching for a life in a better space,
I see horrors dashed daily on our flickering blue god
where it sits like a shrine and takes pride of place.
It insults us and gluts us with violence and fear.
How many of us wonder if we’ll see tomorrow,
through their beliefs, whether it’s science or faith?
How many have swallowed every lie and poison;
the political or diseases or drugs that might kill?

I wish answers which I sometimes think I have
spoke to everyone, to you and not just me, now.
Still, I will smile, show up and act kindly to any;
I do my best to bring good to this life, somehow.
Yet, spout cliches, buzzwords hope we may hear.
That’s not the reason I use them; they speak truth
which we have been taught to ignore to our harm.
While we, who seek, shout the alarm, are labeled
Pollyannas and Chicken Littles hit by the sky.
Storms a part of the sky then they must be right.

Oh, the classic elements may speak our doom.
Earth, air, fire, and water, true essentials of life.
We continue to rape Earth like a crazed serial killer.
Our air so thick with pollution and smoke we gasp.
Our water the same to the point it is toxic to drink
While fires consumes greater swaths of our future.
Trees we fell, aquifers we drain, streams we pollute
will not be recovered in time unless we will change.
Can we, will we reach for the time and the place
and so discover our forgotten courage and truth?


People Over Politics, World Over Wealth!

Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,
Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment 

Unite the World!


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Global Brand ~ Philip Brent Harris copy

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