World Out of Balance

                            Map of the End of Time ~ Philip Brent Harris


I’ve heard, I have the same amount of time
as all those famous folks who came before.
That handful celebrated in prose and rhyme.
So why do I feel stressed down to my core?

Our world is faster paced than prior folk faced.
Not better, not worse, necessarily, but changed.
I’m sure for them, at times, their worlds raced.
Then why do I, sometimes, feel quite deranged?

Fires, illness, daily duties, certainly nothing new,
Traveling more, distant, my time more jammed,
DFU, the crucial rule to keep us out of the pooh.
Or the goo, we may be, if our chariot is rammed.

Then there’s age; our reactions grow ever slower;
we lose both our mental and physical flexibility.
Despite planning, we may hope the game is over,
to sit and talk of Michelangelo over toast and tea.

After all is said and done, still my dream remains.
Same as always, but on other paths than expected.
Still want to change the world, consolidate gains,
balance light to darkness, both equally respected.

Today our world is narrow, but heavy on the top.
The base is broad enough, its influence miniscule.
Our center skewed, presages a fall we cannot stop.
Time will show I’m right, yet some say I’m a fool.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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