How Long?

West side of the Capitol — Getty Images 1-6-2021

Who will say when this madness stops,
by their actions today, not all DC cops.
Protesters came to commit executions,
leaders elected lawfully to institutions,
charged with the duty of living the law,
yet, some won’t believe what we saw.
Anyone who instigated or abetted this
must be jailed, tried, lest we’re remiss.
This means leaders and all the people
who act less like citizens than sheeple.
It is ours to demand a full accounting,
of any this failed coup were mounting,
violent folk who won’t listen to reason.
We must call this by its name, treason.
Knowing this, all must choose to learn
if lies believed as fact chaos will return.
How long it may take this harm to heal
Is an answer that only time may reveal.


  1. blackbird212012 · · Reply

    a shocking photo, what was it about?


  2. Treason in my country.


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