Ichi-go Ichi-e

Bright rainbow curls of intertwined arcs and colors

String Theory

Deep shining sun
Sea arrayed earth
Cold mantle, warm life

Within mountains
Hidden depths
Boiling fecundity

Earth sky schism
Union of all
Apart without separation

No center, no edge
Universes dance, spin
Alone yet unified

Self contained, connected
Stars firm, wandering
Transient earth firm

Death, life, lovers
Separated by time
Joined by nature

A kiss, a caress
A long embrace
Ending while beginning

Forever separate
Forever joined
In this moment


Please click on the links below to find my art, plus prints, greeting cards and gift items, as well as reading my views on life, the universe and everything.

Philip Brent Digital Art and Photography
Philip Brent on Fine Art America
Brent Harris Fine Art
Brent Harris on Fine Art America
The Pen’s Might
The Extra Mile

Commissions Encouraged

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