Natural Order

Dimension 3 ~ Brent Harris

Dimension 3 ~ Brent Harris

Though I’m sure the young thought all around me is profound
They seem to me to be making noise without making any sound
Wait for it, wait for it, they must say something intelligent soon
They speak as if they invented both bright sun and golden moon

Do they somehow speak a language no one else can apprehend
Or only chatter to fill the void of what they cannot comprehend
In time, they will reimagine science, philosophy and religion, too
Their turn will come when ours is gone, but that is nothing new


  1. Shenoy U.K. · · Reply

    Yes, you are right. that’s nothing new. That is the way probably our elders felt about us – when we were young. And probably that’s the way this young lot will feel about their children a few years down the line. Probably, that itself is the essence of life cycle. Thank you very much my friend.


    1. You’re welcome.


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