The Elements

                     Pattern Recognition ~ Philip Brent Harris


Listen until you hear the winds blowing,
exploring, seeking places we may not go.
Whistling through rocks, chaparral, singing
the mountains, the planes, and the oceans.
Cries out the pain of storms, shrieks terror,
whines loss, the loneliness of scoured land,
the fear of destruction, as powerful as war.

Do you hear the crackling fire, see the glow
bringing warmth, comforts, our silent past.
Fire, magnificent, magic, we think we can
control, until it breaks free, overwhelms us.
Wild, it laughs at our wood glass and steel,
lies we tell ourselves, that we are masters.
We again lose control; hope and home die.

Echoes heard, plashing fountain, we seek
eternal life, blinded by ambition, trying to
harness its power, but with limited success.
Damned water, like a lake, poor imitation,
our source. Neither rivers, abrading mighty
mountains nor crashing waves, inexorable,
smashing trees to flinders, rocks into sand.

The sounds of our feet crossing land, Earth,
that we rarely or never touch, skin to skin.
One foundation of our existence, our world.
It may quake, shake us, unseen pests, fleas.
Both the villain and victim, delving deeper,
seeking what we abuse, oil, gems, minerals.
All with little care for our ground of being.


Peace is Purpose, Nonviolence is Strength,  Diversity is Unity, Empathy is Empowerment


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