What Shall I Do?

Imaginary Reality ~ Philip Brent

Imaginary Reality ~ Philip Brent

I’m troubled. As well as being a writer, I am also a fine artist and a digital artist. All three pursuits have either begun or found their form within the past decade. Though I have lived three-score and five years, and have finally found what I want to be when I grow up. Oil painting is what caused the heavens to open for me, but I am also serious about my other creative endeavors. At heart I am creative and these pursuits unlock my passions.

Recently, I decided I needed to decide what I wanted to do, exactly how I wanted to pursue my talents. Consequently, I started researching what others thought about the best way to build a Twitter following. I just went and double-checked and was surprised to learn I had started my Twitter account March 2014. I have recently gone over 770 followers, some of whom are accounts selling followers. This is not the way I want to go. I thank them, but do not follow back. Still, most of my followers are those who seem interested in some aspect of my tweets or profile. In some cases, we may at some point in the future benefit each other.

So, back to my research. First, everyone seems to offer something for free. I realize everyone is trying to be successful, but I’m so tired of this come-on.  And yes, I have fallen for such offers despite my father’s advice that’s there’s no such thing as a free lunch. I knew I had done it again, as soon as I connected to a free offer proposing to help me sell more art and realized that the course required to buy a $20.00 book written by the gallery-owner/teacher. I probably knew before I clicked the link, but hope springs eternal in the heart of a romantic. That’s me. So I received emails for a time and I looked to see what was might be valuable, but didn’t respond to any offers that requested money. There was good information offered and I don’t blame this gallery owner for creating another income stream in tough times for the arts.  This started on another social media site, and I was eventually dropped from the list.

So, on to Twitter. I checked out an artist who offered a free path to increase Twitter followers and sell more art. He mentioned a number of tools and sites to help me. I got the idea. Hone in on what you want and search for the people who fit that profile. I should review it again, including the ideas I gleaned from another source, but the basics seemed to be follow hundreds of people a day and then unfollow any who don’t follow back by the next day. This approach says that I must tweet multiple times a day, a minimum five and that I should look for available content that is appropriate to accomplish this. I understand this, but see this as both a rather ruthless approach, and somewhat disingenuous. As I said, I’m a romantic.

I want to feel like I’m getting noticed by my own merits, but perhaps that is because I do not think I have good marketing skills. In addition to that, I do not have a single focus. As I stated at the beginning, as well as being a writer, I am also a fine artist and a digital artist. I also am married, have a house and all the responsibilities that go along with that. Although those who I looked at said it should take almost no time at all to accomplish what I described in my synopsis above, I’m not sure where to find the time. With domestic and marital responsibilities, including in person social, just living life, I feel that I don’t have enough time to pursue my creativity. Perhaps I am a fool, but I think what I create is more important than what I sell. So I guess for now I will continue as I am. If anyone has a magic wand, please contact me.


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